Cloth Diaper Inserts Can Be Customized For Your Baby's Absorbency Needs

Cloth diaper inserts come in a variety of shapes and fabrics and can be stuffed in a pocket or laid inside a diaper cover, depending on your baby's output and absorbency needs. Fabrics range from dayweight options such as microfiber and cotton, to more absorbent hemp and rayon from bamboo which are suitable for heavy wetters and night use. Disposable inserts are available for use inside diaper covers and hybrid shells for travel and emergencies.

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AppleCheeks One Size 3 Layer Bamboo Insert 2 PACK
Average Rating(7) Reviews
Babykicks Hemparoo PREMIUM Joey Bunz
Average Rating(58) Reviews
$6.50  $5.85 
Babykicks Joey Bunz Hemp Insert
Average Rating(97) Reviews
$5.50  $4.95 
Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Inserts
Average Rating(111) Reviews
$3.95  $3.16 
Best Bottom Cloth Overnight Diaper Inserts
Average Rating(19) Reviews
$6.95  $5.56 
Blueberry Bamboo Inserts - 3 pack
Average Rating(1) Reviews
$25.95  $20.76 
Blueberry Capri Diaper Insert 2 Pack
Average Rating(1) Reviews
$12.95  $10.36 
bumGenius Diaper Insert
Average Rating(27) Reviews
$3.49  $2.97 
Buttons BAMBOO Diapers Daytime Inserts
Average Rating(5) Reviews
$5.60  $5.04 
Buttons Diapers Daytime Inserts
Average Rating(27) Reviews
$3.50  $3.15 
Buttons HEMP Daytime Insert
Average Rating(13) Reviews
$7.75  $6.98 
Diaper Junction Microfiber Diaper Insert 5 Pack
Average Rating(17) Reviews
Elemental Joy Diaper Insert
Average Rating(0) Reviews
Flip DISPOSABLE Diaper Inserts
Average Rating(46) Reviews
Flip Organic Cotton Day Time Insert 3-Pack
Average Rating(4) Reviews
$21.95  $18.66 
Flip Organic Cotton Night Time Insert 2-Pack
Average Rating(44) Reviews
$24.95  $21.21 
Flip Stay Dry Diaper Insert 3-Pack
Average Rating(75) Reviews
$14.95  $12.71 
Flip Stay Dry Newborn Diaper Insert - 6 pack
Average Rating(6) Reviews
$14.95  $12.71 
Funky Fluff deLUX Bamboo/Hemp Soaker Set
Average Rating(3) Reviews
Funky Fluff LUX Bamboo Soaker Set
Average Rating(5) Reviews
Geffen Baby High Absorbers
Average Rating(2) Reviews
$16.26  $14.63 
Geffen Baby Quick Absorbers 3 Pack
Average Rating(6) Reviews
$13.78  $12.40 
Geffen Baby Super Absorbers 3 Pack
Average Rating(8) Reviews
$16.78  $15.10 
Lalabye Baby Bamboo Insert/Booster Set
Average Rating(2) Reviews
$10.00  $9.00 
Rumparooz 6R Soaker
Average Rating(20) Reviews
$8.00  $6.40 
Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper Insert
Average Rating(0) Reviews
$12.00  $10.20 
Smart Bottoms Hemp Insert 2 Pack
Average Rating(0) Reviews
$12.00  $10.20 
Smart Bottoms Organic Cotton Inserts
Average Rating(0) Reviews
$12.00  $10.20 
Smart Bottoms Too Smart Inserts 3 Pack
Average Rating(4) Reviews
$15.00  $12.75 
Thirsties Hemp Insert
Average Rating(107) Reviews
$8.75  $7.44 
Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert
Average Rating(42) Reviews
$6.75  $5.74 
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