Microfiber Diaper Doublers
Diaper Doubler

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Microfiber Diaper Doublers

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When extra absorption is a must, try our Diaper Doublers. Made from two layers of microfiber terry cloth they are ideal for laying or stuffing into any cloth diaper system - including pocket diapers!

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Add Extra Absorbency to Baby's Cloth Diaper

bumGenius! Diaper Doublers lay along the inside of your baby's cloth diapers at times when extra absorbency is absolutely essential. Used by parents for baby's night time, nap time, extended car trips and errands, a diaper doubler gives your baby's cloth diapers the extra "umph" to get through without leaks. For "stay dry" comfort, try our Stay Dry Diaper Doublers; they boast the same level of absorbency, except with an additional top layer of microfleece to wick moisture away from baby's skin.

Diaper Doublers are sewn with two absorbent layers of thirsty microfiber terry cloth. Measuring approximately 5.5" x 13", they are sold in packs of 3. (stitching color may vary). Because these microfiber diaper doublers do not have a top layer of microfleece, they can be used in any cloth diapering system. Try them for extra absorption stuffed in your baby's pocket diapers or lining the inside of your baby's fitted diapers, one size diapers, as well as our custom-cut, 100% cotton Diaper Rite™ Prefolds.

Reduce Diaper Stains While Adding Absorption

With a bumGenius! diaper doubler resting along the center of your baby's cloth diaper you will cut the time you spend sun-bleaching or soaking for diaper stains! When baby soils his/her diaper, the first line of defense is your diaper doubler! Solid poops can be dropped into the potty and more liquid messes can be sprayed off with the Mini Shower Diaper Sprayer and tossed into your cloth diaper pail.

If you aren't using pocket diapers, we suggest using Stay Dry Diaper Doublers instead; the top microfleece layer doesn't "hold" or "grab" at baby's messes, easily releasing them to the toilet. Plus, microfleece has the added benefit of stain resistance!


Diaper Rite Prefold Diapers - Cotton - 6 pk
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Stay Dry Diaper Doublers
Stay Dry Diaper Doublers
Stay Dry Diaper Doublers are topped with fleece to wick moisture away from baby's skin into the absorbent two layers of microfiber terry cloth, keeping baby cozy and rash free in their cloth diapers.
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 4/19/2013
I love this product. My LO is a heavy wetter and I needed to find a solution to his wetting out of every diaper in under two hours. This was the solution! They work wonderfully without adding too much extra bulk!
3 Stars
Adds Extra Absorbency
Reviewed by:  from Lakeland, Florida. on 3/18/2013
These microfiber doublers do add extra absorbency, but do not appear to have the same level of absorbency as advertised. I would order again; however, my expectation of the product is not as high. They are good only for slight additional coverage.
4 Stars
I think I like cotton better.
Reviewed by:  from Fullerton. on 11/27/2012
I like to use these as an extra layer for overnight. They work out okay, However I feel like this type of material does not clean very well. My son does best with cotton against his tush.
5 Stars
Heaven Sent!!
Reviewed by:  from Virginia Beach, VA. on 11/3/2012
Love these doublers!! They don't add bulk and when my daughter wakes up in the morning, no leaks!! Yay!!
5 Stars
Diaper Doublers
Reviewed by:  from Pennsylvania. on 6/6/2012
My husband and I have always used bumGenius diapers. For our second child we received 3 new 4.0 diaper shells, but did not have the inserts and liners to go with them. So we purchased liners and doublers and are as in love with them as we were when our diapers for our oldest child were new! They are so soft and comfy. Why on earth would you put plastic/chemicals against your child's bottom, when you could have the microfiber fleece? There are only happy hiney's in this house!
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