CJ's BUTTer is a Cloth Diaper-Safe Diaper Rash Cream

CJ's BUTTer products are renowned for their ability to soothe and relieve rashes. Although babies who wear cloth diapers have fewer rashes than those who wear disposables, moms like BuTTer Diaper Cream because it washes out easily with hot water and detergent. All of the products contain a small amount of lanolin except the BUTTer Stick.

If your baby's skin is too raw to be touched, try CJ's Spritz, which uses a fine mist spray for application. All forms of CJ's BuTTer products come in travel-friendly sizes. Product can be used to treat wind-chapped cheeks, eczema and rug-burned knees from crawling. Makes a perfect gift for the mom-to-be. Melt a dollop in the bath tub to relieve hemorrhoids or postpartum soreness.

Contains sheer butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, cocoa butter (deodorized, not raw), Vitamin E and essential oils.
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CJ's Best Boobie Butter
Average Rating(1) Reviews
CJ's BUTTer Carcass Cleaner 8.5 oz
Average Rating(6) Reviews
CJ's BUTTer Diaper Stick 2 oz
Average Rating(112) Reviews
CJ's BUTTer Original Diaper Cream
Average Rating(155) Reviews
CJ's BUTTer Original Diaper Cream SAMPLE
Average Rating(47) Reviews
$1.50  $1.35 
CJ's BUTTer Spritz
Average Rating(54) Reviews
CJ's BUTTer Wool Wash
Average Rating(2) Reviews
CJ's BUTTer Woolie Revitalizer Lanolin Spray
Average Rating(8) Reviews
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