Boingo Diaper Fasteners
Boingo Diaper Fasteners - Voltage Green
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Boingo Diaper Fasteners

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Boingo diaper fasteners are a fun and stylish, yet practical method for fastening prefolds, plats, and fitteds!

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Say Goodbye to Pins with Boingo One Size Diaper Fasteners!

Boingo Diaper Fasteners are a fun and modern alternative to old-fashioned diaper pins.

  • Patent-pending curved grips stay put and keep baby's diaper in place.
  • Boingo fasteners hook on the side, preventing uncomfortable compression of the tummy.
  • Phthalate, BPA, & PVC Free!

How to Use

  1. Stretch Boingo prior to use.
  2. Hook Boingo to side of the diaper near the hip. Pull, stretching gently to the middle of the diaper, and hook again.
  3. Repeat on opposite side.
Babies under 14 pounds can use one fastener attached across the hips.

Sold in packs of two.


  • Black

  • Pink

  • Red

  • Voltage Green

  • Wicked White


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
I love Boingos!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Louisiana. on 1/3/2015
Years ago when cloth diapering I used snappis. They were ok, but never my favorite. I had stored them in my closet, and when it came time to need them again they had dry-rotted and ripped when I tried stretching them. So this time I tried Boingos and plain pins, and I much prefer them over snappis or pins. They work great on both prefolds and flats.
5 Stars
Awesome Product!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Baltimore, MD. on 7/31/2014
These fasten my prefolds and fitteds very well. My son is approaching the upper weight limit for his current prefolds and I definitely prefer this over a snappi for those - the snappi has to far to stretch for my liking.
5 Stars
Boingo are great!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Florida. on 7/10/2014
I am a first time mom and decided to cloth diaper and I think this is a good product. It is so easy to apply, really fast to change a diaper without old pins!!! Good qualite also. Love them!!!
5 Stars
Preferred for son
Reviewed by:  from Houston. on 5/17/2014
I prefer Boingos over Snappis for my little boy. The third hook was uncomfortable. I preferred the Snappi for my little girl. The Snappi seemed to last longer. The Boingos deteriorated. I now use diaper pins because they last longer and are cheaper...and my son can't strip when the pins are in place!
5 Stars
Fantastic fasteners
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Chicago. on 3/31/2014
Boingos are great! They hold very well for us. I love that I can use them with my flats without worrying about the claws digging into my baby's side like I did with the snappi. Like anything else, they take a bit to get the hang of but once you do, they are great!
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