Cloth Diaper Tip: How to use diaper covers with success!

Posted by Julie on 12/31/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
diaper coversDiaper covers are great! If you use them over fitted diapers, you have double whammy leak protection thanks to double elastics at both the legs and back. If youíre using prefolds or flats, they provide leak protection where the diaper doesnít, making it possible for you to choose a very inexpensive yet effective way to cloth diaper. The best part about diaper covers is that they can be used for multiple diaper changes. Besides, they come in the cutest colors and prints, making them not only functional but decorative as... (Read more)

Mom to Mom Monday: Dealing with the holiday aftermath!

Posted by Julie on 12/30/2013 to Mom Madness
christmas tree,decor,mom ventI love the holidays and look forward to it every single year. Baking, giving, caring, seems like the whole community is abuzz with the desire to do good-for the most part.

Yet the ay after Christmas I...(Read more)

Winner of (2) Thirsties One Size Pocket Diapers is...

Posted by Julie on 12/27/2013 to Contest Winners
Thanks to all who continually enter our weekly giveaways! Last week we gave you all a chance to win TWO of Thirsties NEW One Size Pocket Diapers!

The winner is...

12/27/13 FYSF, Win (2) Mother-ease EconoMe Fitteds and Duo Wrap

Posted by Julie on 12/27/2013 to Contests & Giveaways
fitteds,cloth diapersNew Feed Your Stash Friday Giveaway featuring fitted cloth diapers!

Enter to win...(Read more-)

LAST MINUTE DIY Chirstmas Present Ideas!

Posted by Becca on 12/22/2013 to Green Living
diy,gifts,ideas,crafts,kidsChristmas is a couple of days away, but that doesnít mean itís too late for a little DIY presents to show your love to the ones that mean the most to you. Thereís nothing like a homemade gift to show someone you care. Below, Iíve compiled a list of my favorite, last (Read more...)

12/20/13 FYSF, (2) New Thirsties One Size Pocket Diapers

Posted by Julie on 12/20/2013 to Contests & Giveaways
cloth diapers,thirstiesThis week we're giving you a chance to add TWO brand new cloth diapers to your stash!

The long awaited Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper is new and a big leap for Thirsties. (Read more...)

Winner of our Bummis Simply Lite & Bamboo Prefolds is...

Posted by Julie on 12/20/2013 to Contest Winners
Time to announce the lucky winner of our Bummis Simply Lite Diaper Cover and Bamboo Prefolds!

Thanks to all who entered.

Choosing a Cloth Diaper Detergent

Posted by Bryana on 12/19/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

What Cloth Diaper Detergent Should I Use?

How Do I Wash Cloth Diapers?Washing cloth diapers is not difficult and truly does NOT require special laundry detergents or equipment. That said, the type of cloth diaper detergent you choose, as well as the method you choose to wash your baby's cloth diapers, could have an affect on diaper performance, lifespan, as well as potentially voiding your diaper warranty.

Cloth Diaper Washing, Are you using enough detergent?

Posted by Bryana on 12/18/2013 to Washing Cloth Diapers
detergentsA dozen or so times a week we encounter desperate moms who are at their wits end dealing with stinky diapers. Whether it is via email, phone calls, or face to face we run down a troubleshooting list with them to figure what's going on. In almost every case, the answer is because they are not using enough detergent to wash their diapers.

Liberate your family with cloth diapers!

Posted by Becca on 12/18/2013 to Cloth vs. Disposables
baby,family,cloth diapersMy family loves going out to eat at Cracker Barrel. Itís a cute, inexpensive little restaurant with amazing southern≠style food that has made itís way up the coast even as far as southern New England, where my family lives. If youíve never been to Cracker Barrel, let (Read more...)
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