Mom to Mom Monday, Diving in to the New Year! Don't over commit.

Posted by Julie on 12/31/2012 to Green Living
New Years often comes with over optimism. At least if you are me! I fall totally off the wagon with whatever I am doing and plan whole heartedly to start the new year off right!

I think it's great to be optimistic and I have always been. But I have a habit of...(read more)

A closer look at Gro Via's Hybrid Cloth Diaper System

Posted by Julie on 12/29/2012 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Take a closer look at Gro Via's Hybrid Cloth Diapering system, how it works and what makes it unique!

Read all about the Gro Via System in today's post!

12/28/12 FYSF, Win a Gro Via Cloth Diaper Sampler Package!

Posted by Julie on 12/28/2012 to Contests & Giveaways
Ready for our next Feed Your Stash Friday Giveaway? It's a good one!

This week you can enter to win a Gro Via Sampler Package! You will love this and if you already love this diaper, well then you'll be pleased to have another!

FYSF Winner, Two Sustainablebabyish Multi Fitted Cloth Diapers...

Posted by Julie on 12/28/2012 to Contest Winners
Time to announce another lucky winner! This week's winner receives TWO Sustainablebabyish Snapless Multi Fitted Cloth Diapers!

Some little one's bum is going to be quite comfortable after mommy wins these soft and absorbent fitted diapers!

Family Fitness, How to combat those late night cravings!

Posted by Bert on 12/27/2012 to Family Fitness
Time for New Year's resolutions! One thing stands between you and your goal, everyone battles it with you. It's the late night cravings for junk, munchies and carbs!

This post will help you beat those cravings! You'll wake up glad you did!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Diaper Junction!

Posted by Bryana on 12/25/2012 to Sales & Specials
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Diaper Junction family!

We thank you for your support in 2012 and look forward to 2013!

12/21/12 FYSF, Win 2 Sloomb Snapless Fitted Cloth Diapers!

Posted by Julie on 12/21/2012 to Contests & Giveaways
You will LOVE this week's giveaway!

Enter this week's Feed Your Stash Friday Giveaway and you could win two Sustainablebabyish Snapless Multi Fitted Cloth Diapers!

FYSF Winner, Two Jellystone Teething products!

Posted by Julie on 12/21/2012 to Contest Winners
Last week's giveaway was super fun! Thanks to Eyla's Imports and Jellystone for sponsoring!

It's time to announce the lucky winner of two Jellystone BPA free teething products!

Family Fitness, Holiday Survival Tips!

Posted by Bert on 12/20/2012 to Family Fitness
The holidays and all the junk food...this is the reason many wait until New Years to start eating right and exercising.

Read this great Family Fitness post with tips on how to get through the holidays without doing too much damage!

What's NEW at Diaper Junction?

Posted by Julie on 12/19/2012 to New Products
You know we like to stay busy here at Diaper Junction and new products are constantly being added.

If you haven't been keeping track, this post will highlight some of the news things we have in stock here at Diaper Junction!
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