11/30/12 FYSF, Win (2) BumGenius Elemental Cloth Diapers!

Posted by Julie on 11/30/2012 to Contests & Giveaways
Time for a new FYSF Giveaway!

This week we're treating you to something special. A giveaway of two of our most popular cloth diapers, the BumGenius Elemental OS AIO!

Winner of the Beco Butterfly II Giveaway is...

Posted by Julie on 11/29/2012 to Contest Winners
Wow, you guys were really in it to win it! We saw a record number of entries for our Beco Butterfly II Giveaway!

Ready to see the big reveal? The winner of the Beco Butterfly II is...

Tummy Trouble in Breastfed Babies

Posted by Stacey on 11/27/2012 to Breast Feeding

Tummy Pain in baby is usually pretty obvious. The arching back, the tooting, the excessive burping/spitting up and the high pitched scream are all good indications that something is amiss. Breastfeeding moms have the daunting task of wondering about too little milk, too much let-down and that extra cup of coffee. In most cases, gas is the culprit but before you put down that broccoli, consider all of the possibilities.

Dos and Don'ts for Spending the Holidays with Special Needs Children

Posted by Stacey on 11/26/2012 to Mom Madness

Itís the holiday season and most families look forward to spending time with loved ones and friends. However, for families with children with special needs, the holidays arenít always so carefree and jolly. Changes in routine, lots of company and even diet changes can create a perfect storm of challenges during the most wonderful time of the year. If you will be spending time with a toddler, child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder or developmental delays, here are some dos and doníts that will help make the holidays brighter for everyone.

Product Review: The AMAZING CJ's BUTTer Spritz

Posted by Stacey on 11/25/2012 to Cloth Diaper Accessories

Everyone is shopping away so I thought it would be the perfect time to review one of the great natural baby care products on sale this weekend here at Diaper Junction. CJ's BUTTer Spritz is the liquid version of the popular CJ's BuTTer Diaper Cream and this little bottle is full of AMAZING.

Skin, particularly baby skin, is most likely to become irritated when its either missing an essential component or being exposed to things that remove essential components. New baby skin is protected from amniotic fluid by vernix but once its exposed to dry air, changes occur on the molecular level that makes it vulnerable. This is the root of most baby skin conditions like baby acne, cradle cap and diaper rash. If skin is the problem, CJ's is the solution - read here to find out why.

Fitted Cloth Diapers, Features and Functions

Posted by Julie on 11/24/2012 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Fitted cloth diapers come in all shapes and sizes and CAN totally be confusing.

How can you tell which kind you need and what are their differences? In this blog post I'll feature a few fitteds and their unique features.

We're THANKFUL for you!

Posted by Diaper Junction Family on 11/22/2012 to Mom Madness
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, from the Diaper Junction staff and our families!

We have a lot to be thankful for and we're sure you do too! You and your family bless us with your patronage which allows us to bless our families and others. We can't thank you enough!

Raising Thankful Children

Posted by Stacey on 11/20/2012 to Mom Madness

As I am preparing for Thanksgiving and all of the chaos associated with it, I am also thinking about whether or not my boys really understand what it is to be thankful. Sure, "please and thank you" manners are easy but have I actually gotten through to them with lessons about thankfulness and gratitude? Am I setting a good example, as I grumble about the logistics of the holiday? My house, in addition to be being a loving and comforting environment, is a training facility. I am responsible for them becoming kind, loving and gracious men. Thank goodness I keep my 25 parenting books on the same shelf as my cookbooks.

Surviving the First Night Out

Posted by Stacey on 11/19/2012 to Mom Madness

If there is one truth about having children, itís that you will never know how much your life will change until it happens. No one can explain the joy and no one can explain the fear. Leaving a baby for the first time is no different.

Confessions of a Former Control Freak

Posted by Stacey on 11/18/2012 to Mom Madness
I am a recovering control freak. Over the last few years, I have slowly stopped letting my need to be in charge wreak havoc on my life. Something about having a premature baby, losing my job and having our house hit by a tornado made it crystal clear that I was NOT in control. My ability to let things go has improved with every unexpected event, and I've learned more about my husband in the last year than our first 9 years of marriage. Now, he makes the cupcakes...read more to find out why.

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