SoftBums Bamboo Pods

SoftBums Bamboo Pods

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SoftBums Bamboo Pods are trim, absorbent and versatile!

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SoftBums Bamboo Pods

SoftBums super absorbent Bamboo Pods come in two sizes Small and Large. What makes each different?

SoftBums Bamboo Pods Features & Uses

SoftBums Small Bamboo Mini Pods are composed of 3 layers of absorbent organic rayon from bamboo fleece. The SoftBums Mini Pods are as absorbent as DryTouch Mini Pods, but feature half the bulk providing a super trim fit.  Not only are they trim, they're made from a blend of rayon from bamboo and natural cotton fibers that provide the ultimate in comfort, breathability and protection from diaper rash!

  • Rayon from Bamboo is trim & super absorbent, making this onr of the top diapering choices
  • Use by itself for ages 0-2 months
  • 3 layers of absorbent rayon from bamboo fleece add absorbency without making diapers bulky
  • Made to pair with other SoftBums Pods to add extra absorbency for nighttime or heavy wetters
  • Stains are easily removed by a few minutes in the sun
  • Perfect size for newborns, and works great for Preemies too!

Nothing fits like a SoftBums with Slide˛Size, and SoftBums Mini Pods are made to fit perfectly inside a SoftBums Echo or Omni Shell, but Mini Pods are even more useful than that.  The best kept secret about Mini Pods is that they can be used as a doubler in ANY diaper, increasing absorbency of everything from pocket diapers to fitted diapers to prefolds!

Why use Large SoftBums Bamboo Pods?

SoftBums Large Bamboo Pods are also useful and easy to use! Just the perfect size unfolded for 4mo and up, just pop it in your SoftBums diaper and go!!

The SoftBums Large Bamboo Pod also makes a great stuffer if you like pocket diapers. Otherwise, it fits perfectly, snapped inside any of our SoftBums' systems. Ultra fluffy and absorbent just like our Mini Pod, yet trim under clothes. Sewn so that it dries really fast making it even more economical.


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