Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Pantyliners - 6 pack
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Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Pantyliners - 6 pack

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Organic Cotton Pantyliners topped with your choice of a smooth or velour top!

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Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Pantyliners

Pink Daisy Pantyliners are the premium choice for today’s woman. Enjoy the comfort, softness and breathability of organic cotton with a luxurious velour feel against your most delicate skin. There truly is no comparison in the comfort of cloth pads vs. disposable ones. Once you switch to Pink Daisy you'll never choose a disposable option again!

Pink Daisy pantyliners are great for daily discharge, light menstrual flow, as back up for a menstrual cup or for light incontinence.

Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Pantyliners Care & Use

Four layers of 100% organic cotton pads provide maximum absorbency. The ends of the pads are left open to allow for thorough easy cleaning & washing.

Wash your Pink Daisy pads prior to first use.  Snap pads around your underwear so the tag side faces down.

pink daisy, mama cloth

Change pad as needed. Wash per care instructions. Avoid washing the pads in public facilities. Pink Daisy pads are meant for personal use only, and should not be shared with others.

Measures 7" long x 2" wide.

Fabric Content:
100% organic cotton

Wash & Care

  • Wash your Pink Daisy pads prior to first use.
  • General wash & care: Rinse or soak in cold water after changing pads or while waiting for wash day. This will keep stains from setting on your pads. Hand or machine wash cold or warm cycle. Line dry or tumble dry.
  • Do not use fabric softener. It will coat the pads and make them water repellent and reduce their absorbency. Be aware that if you use dryer sheets in your dryer for other laundry this can coat your dryer and transfer to your pads.
  • Do not use bleach. This will cause the fabric's fibers to break down. It will also cause the waterproof layer of the pad to de-laminate.
  • Stains. Should staining occur, try laying your pads out in the sun.

Made in the USA


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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Columbus, OH. on 7/20/2015
Overall, very happy with the product. They are a little think for a panty liner (I think), but you forget about them quickly. They also dry fast, making them comfortable to wear all day. They stay in place too!
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