Not sure about cloth diapers? Give them a 30-day Test Drive!

Posted by Becca on 5/30/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Not sure? Try them out!

Normally, when youíre hunting for baby gear, you can go to Babies R Us or Target and look through the necessary supplies yourself. Youíre not only able to see things like onesies, breastpumps, and cribs in large quantities, but you can touch them, feel them, and even try them out. When you see "extra small" or "medium" on the tag of an article of clothing, you know what that means exactly because you can hold it in your hand, and try it on your child. You know whether ďraspberryĒ means purple or pink when referring to a curtain color or a pacifier because you can see it for yourself rather than trusting that the colors are set correctly on your computer screen.

Unfortunately, cloth diapers arenít that easily seen, touched, or handled because they just arenít very widespread. Unfortunately, most people canít go to their local baby store and just pick up cloth diapers if they decide to go that route. For many people, itís really hard to make the decision to buy something if they havenít been able to evaluate the product in person. So what do you do? Stick with the disposables? Not necessarily. Just because Walmart doesnít carry bumGenius, doesnít mean you canít touch them and feel them for yourself without the commitment of buying them.Try bumGenius! diapers

Did you know that Diaper Junction offers a trial program? Diaper Junction gives you a 30-day test drive on individual diapers of brands such as Grovia, and BumGenius. This means that you can see and touch the diaper for yourself and even try it out on your little one risk free! This means that if you are interested in cloth diapering but it doesnít end up working out for you, you donít lose anything.

In my opinion, this trial period offers you a great opportunity not only to see if cloth diapers will work for you, but to discover which brands will work best for your childís body type and for your laundry routine. So are you having trouble deciding whether or not to take the cloth diapering plunge because youíre a hands on type of buyer? Consider the trial period that Diaper Junction offer with little or no risk.


Date 2/24/2014
Megan McCreary
Thankful for this option and looking forward to doing the test drive!

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