Geffen Baby Hemp Jersey Flat Diaper

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Geffen Baby Hemp Jersey Flat Diaper

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Easy to clean classic style cloth diapers are only one ply so they dry quickly.

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Geffen Baby Hemp Jersey Flat Diaper

Geffen Baby Hemp Jersey Flat Diaper is a single layer of ultra soft combed 60% hemp/40% organic cotton that’s gentle against your baby’s skin and wears into absorb more efficiently. This versatile diaper can be used as a traditional flat diaper or pad-folded and put into a cover. Jersey is a thin and flat type fabric like a t-shirt material so it will remain ultra trim no matter how you fold it.

Geffen Baby Hemp Jersey Flat Diaper Features:

  • Size: 26.5"x26.5"
  • Hemp may gain absorbency through up to 8-10 washes
  • Hemp products are 60% hemp/40% organic cotton
  • Geffen Baby hemp products do not contain any synthetic material and do not have a stay-dry wicking effect like polyester fleece
  • Hemp can absorb many times its weight in liquid before feeling damp to the touch, making it a great choice to use right against skin
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold individually

*Geffen Baby Hemp products post-prep dimensions and absorbency figures are approximate and may vary slightly based on fabric batch. Expect hemp to shrink 10-15%. Each item may shrink slightly differently


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great fabric & quick dry
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from WV. on 6/6/2018
This works great for us stuffing pockets or using in a trifold style with a cover. Easy to clean & quick to dry!
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MA. on 12/24/2017
I use this padfolded for extra absorbency with flats. It’s great for naps or car rides and dries faster than many other hemp diapers because it’s so thin. I haven’t used it on its own with just a cover, so can’t say how well it does when used as a flat diaper or padfolded on its own. The quality of the material and stitching around the edge is high.
4 Stars
Love These!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CA. on 12/11/2017
We had been wanting to replace the MF inserts in our 2 Bumgenius 4.0s and now that I have these, I can stop searching! These fit the BG pockets PERFECTLY when padfolded! They are crazy absorbant and insanely trim! A BG pocket stuffed with one of these fits about as trim as a disposable but lasts forever! And it's easier to get clean than traditional inserts! However, I would not recommend this flat if you plan on pinning on your baby. It was small out of the package and shrunk a lot. Also, the price point is a bit high. But if you can get them on a sale, they are great inserts!
4 Stars
Smooth, trim
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NY. on 8/27/2017
These are thinner and smoother than the Fladdle. They feel more like a t shirt. They are smaller in size, so a little awkward to come a with a pad fold that works well. They dry quickly, but have a slight curl to the edges.
5 Stars
Very nice
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Indiana. on 5/30/2017
These aren't quite as nice as Geffen Fladdles but they're still really nice and absorbent like you would expect from the Geffen brand. They're nice and smooth and stretchy making them easy to fold around baby or just pad fold as an insert.
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