FuzziBunz - One Size Pocket Diapers and more!

FuzziBunz pocket diapers were created by Tereson Dupuy beginning in January of 1999. Looking for a way to reduce her son's chronic diaper rash, she began experimenting with various cloth diaper fabrics and concepts currently available in the cloth diaper market. Tereson strove to create a cloth diaper that would boast NO LEAKS and NO RASHES; it wasn't long before she began distributing the original pocket diapers.

The FuzziBunz pocket diaper absorbs like a disposable, but without the harsh chemicals; it keeps moisture away from baby's skin, thereby alleviating diaper rash.

The original Pocket Diaper, quickly gained popularity as the most convenient, sustainable, DOABLE cloth diapering solution. Since then, Tereson has produced many more products through her company, Mother of Eden, including hanging diapers pails, nursing pads, cloth wipes, and most recently, the One Size Diaper cornered the market as the first one-size diaper with adjustability using button-elastic AND snaps!

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