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Final Preparations for Flats Challenge Week

Posted by Becca on 5/21/2011 to Baby Wearing

So, May 23 is fast approaching and I feel that Iím fully prepared mentally with all the practice Iíve had folding, using, and washing my flats, but now I need to be prepared physically as wellóand not just for myself but for my caretakers.† So how have I prepared?

Buy the flats

I already have enough flats to use them exclusively during flats and hand washing week.† I had five flats to begin with, and then got 12 more from Diaper Junction giving me a total of 17 flats.† Plus, I found this old hospital receiving blanket thatís amazingly absorbent and works well as a flat diaper so thatís 18 flat diapers total.† My daughter goes through 6-8 diapers a day (plus one or two of those times sheíll have a doubled diaper on) which means 7-10 diapers a day.† From all the practicing Iíve done, and the days Iíve used only flats in preparation for this week, I think 18 flat diapers will get me by just fine unless I have a day of utter laziness where I donít do any washing which I donít plan on doing.† I guess if worse comes to worse I can always run to target and buy some of those flour sack towels everyoneís talking about!

Prep the flats

My flats have already been prepped in the wash, but if yours havenít been, now would be the time to do it.† Since they are made of cotton, theyíll need to be washed about six times to reach maximum absorbency, but if you donít want to wait that long, I started using mine after washing them and drying them once.† Theyíre more absorbent with time, of course, but they worked just fine in the beginning too :-D

Fold the flats

Now, I need to fold them all to make diaper changes go quickly and easily.† I have two piles of folded flats to pull from as the week goes on.† My first pile is a stack of tri-folded flats to be easily stuffed into my covers to mimic AIO diapers.† These are there for my husband, the daycare, and my sitter.† Actually, though, that stack is really for me because Iíll stuff these into covers and have them sitting and ready to go for those people who donít want to take the time to stuff and/or fold the diapers. The other stack will be of kite folded flats, for me.† In addition, my snappi and my diaper pins are waiting within arms reach in a little basket above my changing table.

Choose the covers

Weíre allowed to circulate up to five covers during flats and hand washing week and I find myself facing the difficult challenge of deciding which ones to use because I have a boatload of handknit wool covers that I love but that may not be the most practical option for other caregivers.† After much deliberation, Iím sorry to say that I will forgo the wool altogether (. As far as PUL covers go,† if I had all Thirsties covers, the choice would be easyóThirsties all the way! But I only have three of them: two duo wraps in a size 2, one with Velcro and one with snaps, and one size medium with Velcro.† In addition to that Iím going to go with one of my handmade covers because I made it with all my favorite diaper cover features, and a Bumkins diaper cover in a size Medium because, although it doesnít have the best fit on my little girl, it is my only other wrap diaper which means that it will go on like an AIO when a trifolded prefold or flat diaper is laid inside.† So, thatís three Thirsties covers, a Bumkins, and one of my own hand sewn covers.

Prepare the laundry routine

My laundry routine will be simple.† Once a day (or more if I feel like it) Iíll wash my flats in the bathtub.† In preparation for that, I have a babyfood jar filled with my laundry detergent sitting in the shower next to the loofah and the shampoo.† I plan on agitating the water with my hands so I really donít need anything else in addition to that.† However, hand washing diapers this way has a tendency to REALLY dry your hands out, so Iíll have lotion nearby as well.†† Downstairs, my drying rack is sitting ready and waiting for the first load of fast-drying flat diapers.† One dayóoh glorious dayóweíll have a clothesline, but alas, that day has not yet arrived and so Iíll continue with my drying rack.† However, if itís sunny and/or breezy outside during flats week, Iíll definitely drag the rack outdoors which will mean only about an hour of drying time as opposed to four or five inside.

Educate the other caregivers

The final thing I have to do in preparation for this week is to make sure that my husband and my babysitter know how to use the flat diapers.† Iíve already promised my husband that he will have the covers stuffed with tri-folded diapers and he wonít have any folding, pinning, or snappi-ing to do, and Iíve also promised *shudders* that I will dunk any and all poopy diapers he changes.† Iíve made the task ahead as easy for him as humanly possible. My husband will take the responsibility of showing our daughterís babysitter and daycare how to use the flats since heís the one who drops her off the one day she uses daycare and Iíve already left when our babysitter arrives the other day we use child care.† Honestly, if she were to be in daycare more than one day, I donít know that I would be able to do the flats challenge.† And, in case the day care workers donít put her diapers on snugly enough (they never do), Iíll pack a change of clothing.

So, thatís it.† I feel ready.† Prepared both mentally and physically.† Iím looking forward to something different for a change.† And who knows, maybe it will be good! Maybe Iíll like flat diapers so much that they will continue to rotate through with all my regular diapers.† And I really hope that all this will do some good in the long-run for low-income families who canít afford disposables.


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