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Cloth Diaper Humor: Narcissistic Cloth Diapers?

Posted by Julie on 1/17/2014 to Cloth Diaper Humor


Date 1/18/2014
Maggie M.
Date 1/18/2014
Amber g
That is so cute. Kiwi pies are just adorable and so soft.
Date 1/18/2014
Kim H
Very cute! I don't have enough diapers for some not to get pooped in! It would be nice to have that many!
Date 1/18/2014
Leela R.
The problem is the my son WILL poop in any diaper the first time it is worn...without fail. As such, there is no diaper that has never been pooped in, it just can't happen, LOL.
Date 1/18/2014
Catherine BW
I would love to have a kiwi pie!
Date 1/18/2014
Laura B.
very cute...reminds me of sibling rivalry
Date 1/18/2014
Laura B.
very cute...reminds me of sibling rivalry
Date 1/19/2014
Without fail, my daughter poops in her cutest diapers within 10 minutes of the first time she wears them, with the exception of the Piccadilly Circus we just got!
Date 1/21/2014
This is cute!
Date 1/23/2014
judith martinez
That is hilarious! Even my teen daughter had to laugh at that one.
Date 1/24/2014
Ashley Wilson
My son doesn't discriminate... it's just whichever diaper is (1)new, (2) I want to show off, or (3)didn't make it to the laundry I just put in the washer. :)
Date 1/31/2014
Dizzy DM
Haha! (And true)
Date 5/5/2014
Brittany Garza
Date 5/10/2014
Ainee Ramos
Lol too funny

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