Blueberry Bamboo Birdseye Wipes

Blueberry Bamboo Birdseye Wipes

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Bamboo Birdseye Wipes make diaper clean up easy!

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Blueberry Bamboo Birdseye Wipes

Blueberry's Bamboo Birdseye Wipes are soft, gentle and absorbent. These wipes are made with 2 layers of raon from bamboo/organic cotton birdseye blend. Durable and practical, birdseye is a favorite with cloth diapering families.

Blueberry Bamboo Birdseye Wipes for Multiple Uses

The Blueberry Bamboo Birdseye Wipes were designed for multi-functional use, these wipes can be used as any or all of the following:

  • resusable alternative to disposable baby wipes for cleaning babies’ bottoms; keep at least 24 wipes for this purpose
  • boosters or doublers for reusable cloth diapers when extra absorbency is needed
  • wash cloths for cleaning dirty little faces, fingers, or runny noses
  • traveling towels or make-up removers

TO USE: Wash prior to first use. Use with warm water or your favorite diaper wash solution. Can be stored flat in any wipes container or wipe warmer without needing to be folded.

Comes in packs of 12.


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